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About Us

Born In Prosthetics

Back in 2003 we had a vision for

an improved prosthetic suspension system.

In engineering and researching the system, we

realized the need for an incredibly strong

adhesive that could bond flexibly when attached

to a prosthetic liner.


Research and development gave birth to adaptive KISS® Adhesive. This solved for flexibility but also amazingly solved for rigidity, both incredibly strongly.

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Based in Maryland, Made in Germany

KISS® Adhesives LLC was founded in 2014 in Maryland, and our glue is manufactured in Germany.


We are dedicated to bringing the amazing properties of KISS® Adhesive from the prosthetic world to the rest of us.


The amazing strength and adaptability of KISS® Adhesive has wide potential to solve problems across industries and in everyday life. 

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Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

We are constantly striving to improve through research and development, listening to our customers, and building relationships.


We're dedicated to solving problems.

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