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Rigid Bonding Video Guide

Flexible Bonding Video Guide

Waterproof Use Cases

Do not apply KISS submerged in water.

First drain and dry the wet environment, apply KISS to bond, then after fully cured add back water.

As a cyanoacrylate adhesive , KISS is activated to a cure state by water, and water entering the bottle will cause it to harden, this is why it's critical to not apply underwater. 

  • Drain all water, dry surface, and then apply KISS.

  • Allow adhesive to fully cure, and set

  • Then after fully cured, expose bonded material to the full wet environment

General Tips

  • Less is more with KISS Molecular Super Bond! 

  • Achieve superior results with just enough glue to cover one surface area of the material you're bonding

  • Clean the surface and remove any debris or old glue residue 

  • Use a spreader to diffuse KISS across the surface, creating a thin layer across

  • After bonding, apply pressure or a weight to begin the setting process

  • KISS Molecular is super strong within minutes, and achieves full bond strength after an hour 

  • For rigid bonding, some materials may require a light sanding

  • For flexible bonding, remove any pills or fuzz that might be on the surface

  • (Note that results may vary depending on composites and treated surfaces

Bonding Instructions

  1. Insure that the work surfaces are clean, dry, and protected.

  2. Hold the bottle upright and point away from eyes and body when removing the cap. Remove the cap to expose the applicator tip to allow the flow of the glue.

  3. Apply a minimal (small) amount of glue to one of the surfaces only. For a large area, a craft stick or plastic picnic knife can be used to spread the adhesive.

  4. Apply pressure to the parts that are being glued together for a minimum of 45 seconds. Porous surfaces such as straps may require more time for bonding.

  5. To keep your KISS® Molecular™ Super Bond fresh, wipe the excess glue from the applicator tip before tightly replacing the cap.  Keep the closed bottle cool, dry and upright.

   (Not for use on rear view mirrors. Do not use to attached artificial nails.)

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