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Repair and Invent with KISS®
Adaptively Rigid and Flexible Adhesive
Incredibly Strong & Waterproof

With origins in and trusted by the Prosthetic Limb industry, KISS® Molecular™ Super Bond is a fantastically strong, adaptable adhesive. Featuring Full Spectrum™ technology, KISS adapts to your material and bonds adaptively flexible and rigid.  

Experience breakthrough ease of use, dependability, and ability to repair, create, and invent.

"I used your glue to put up my towel holder that was screwed into the door but kept falling off. I have also tried other glues along with the screw but no luck. Your glue however seems to be holding on strong. Thank you very much. I will highly recommend your glue." - S.M., Baltimore MD,  10/10/2018

"Glued two motor mounts on hot tub motor this morning, and they are holding strong."  

J.W., Baltimore MD,  10/03/2018

Wood | Ceramic | Metal | Plastics | Fabric | Leather | Rubber | Paper | Glass | Porcelain | Foam |  PVC | Vinyl | Shoes | Straps | Sports Equipment | Porous | Non Porous
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